1: exchange and return :
Not possible .
2: warranty and complaints :
No guarantee ; complaints can be sent in a message
3: How light can the Cream make you?
It brings back your natural skin tone; ie you will not get any lighter than that. (so it’s not bleach)
4: Is the ARy herbal whitening cream a bleach?
No. It does not contain hydrogenone and is PH neutral.
5: How is the ARy herbal whitening cream used?
Apply once a day to clean skin (evening only) as a night cream (as a mask), for both face and body.
6: Can the ARy herbal whitening cream be used immediately after waxing, lasering or shaving?
Not for your own use. The skin is then sensitive. !
7: Is the result permanent or will it come back?
Depends entirely on you if you stick to your maintenance process then not.
> No deodorant with alcohol (that makes the armpits dark)
> love waxing instead of shaving
> use spf 70-100 in the morning
> Do not use other chemical products.
> Apply powder in the morning to areas where you sweat a lot
8: What type of skin is the ARy herbal whitening cream for?
All skin types
9: Is the product also against pigmentation spots?
Yes . Unless they are being treated by a dermatologist, do not mix any medication. (Then a no)